Samsung Galaxy s20 lineup

The Samsung s20 line up

Samsung honestly never fails to surprise this year’s lineup is honestly crazy. I keep wondering what we are going to see next. With that let’s get started with the release of the Samsung s20 lineup.

Currently residing in Kenya the Samusng s20 will not be available till March 13 but you can pre-order and get a sweet deal of the new and improved Galaxy buds now being called the Galaxy buds plus. In today’s post we will look at the Samsung s20. The s20 + and the s20 ultra honestly deserves their own blog, the specs on these phone’s are beyond crazy. Other competitors really have to up their game this year

Samsung s20

The s20 comes in a 6.2 inches in screen size with a screen to body ratio of 88.53% and samsung’s famous curved display therefore the users of the phone get more usable screen. Samsung is also including 5G in this lineup compared to last year where the s10+(5G) was the only one, but i’ve read recent updates that 5G will be determined in the county your in. If your in Kenya Samsung will disable 5G because currently it is not supported in the country.

The s20 has a 1440 by 3200 pixels, which is an improvement form last years s10 line up. The s20 will have a 4000 mAH, which is more than sufficient for an average day user. The base storage of the s20 is 128 GB which in my opinion is okay for average day users is okay but if your a gamer or you work alot on your phone then i would advise an sd-card luckily Samsung comes with expandable storage. The s20 comes with 12GB of Ram which is reasonable if you plan to keep the phone for a long period of time but might be overkill for now but who knows what the future holds.

Now to some of the features i know people will be excited about this is the camera. The front camera is 10 MP which is okay for selfies its not the best but the beast is the rear cameras with 12 MP on the primary, 64 MP on the telephoto and 12 MP on the ultrawide, which honestly is amazing Samsung has improved from the s10 lineup. Samusng has yet again shocked us with the s20 being capable of now shooting 8k videos for upto 24 fps, your videos will honestly look like there out of a high-defination movie scratch that better than that.

Another thing i forgot to mention is Samsung’s optional 120Hz screen resolution, this means the Samaung Interface will be so smooth, especially for gamers and normal users alike . The s20 also comes with an audio jack (thank you samsung) but its the USB Type C and water resistance for upto 30 min for 1.5 meters so its IP68 so if it does happen to fall in the bathtub or the sink your are lucky . Another thing is that if your in countries that have support of 5G netwroking the the s20 is not for you because it does not support both sub 6-GHz networks and mmWave . This means that it won’t be astonishingly faster than 4G but compared to the s20+ and the s20 Ultra

The s20 will retail for about $999(ksh 99,900), but if you pre-order you might pay less depending in the store your order from

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